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posted 1 year ago
Antisocial behavior vs. asocial behaviour

I know it might be nit-picky to correct those who use these terms incorrectly. However, if we let lay people continue to misuse clinical terms, it creates a negative impact to our profession and causes all sorts of problems…not just only in diagnosis but also in the reputation of the helping/mental health profession as well.

Indications of antisocial behavior:

  • Persistent pattern of behaviors that violate the rights of others and/or age appropriate social rules.
  • Have little concern for the well-being of others.
  • Blame others for their own misbehavior.
  • Show little or no guilt/remorse.
  • Often misinterpret the actions of others as threatening or hostile
  • Shows indications of animal cruelty
  • Has tendencies to commit arson or battery
  • Can be summarized as conduct disorder

Indications of asocial behavior:

  • Little or no desire to interact with peers, cohorts, etc.
  • Prefers working alone
  • Lack of support from social circles due to having a perceived unnecessary need
  • Keeps to oneself
  • Does not find close companionship to be very important
  • Prefers to do solitary activities most of the time
  • Ignores or is averse to conventional standards of behavior

People with autism often have asocial behavior, such as not giving eye-contact when talking to people, treating people as if they were just objects, not shaking hands when introduced to somebody, or not following any age-appropriate social rules. People who exhibit the former (antisocial behaviors) on the other hand, tend to have psychopathic tendencies or may be attention deficit. When a person begins to exhibit antisocial tendencies, it is best for one to call social services as soon as possible.

If any of you here prefer more peer-reviewed, scholarly sources (because I know there’s going to be nit-picky skeptics out there), I can look them up for you. Just let me know.

But I swear if I hear any tumblr users say they’re antisocial one more time…I am seriously going to report you to the appropriate authorities here on tumblr and outside of tumblr, because this isn’t something to take lightly. We don’t need another serial killer around here, alright?

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