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posted 1 year ago

WEHHHH…this cosplay is well, it’s mediocre compared to others. I did this for the recent LVL Up Expo that happened on February 16-17 since I am the graphic design officer for UNLV Game Club, and we were there to be vendors and representatives. However, the date of the event did not give me enough time to prepare a proper cosplay. I did not have time to modify the jumpsuit and paint all the white logos on it. I’m still broke-ass poor and cannot afford some real deal Long Fall Boots for the moment. So I went cheapo and ordered the Long Fall Socks instead. ( ;3; ) I also do not have the money right now to order a set of these circle lenses.

Don’t mind the yellow ballet flats…I really didn’t want to get my feet dirty and get that uncomfortable feeling of stepping over pointy rocks.

And I know, I know…my jumpsuit is rolled up too high. I didn’t realize that until after the photo shoot. -o-;; I kind of forgot how Chell wore her jumpsuit in Portal 2; it’s been ages since I least dealt with the Portal fandom, so yeah.

And I cut my bangs because my boyfriend wanted to see how I looked like with bangs in front of my forehead. I am growing them out now, but they’re still not long enough like Chell’s.

But LOOK LOOK! I finally have the hand-held portal device, at least.I like to thank my boyfriend for buying the Portal gun as my birthday present.( ;3;)

Photography: [x]
Chell model: [me]
Deviant ART: [x]

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