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About Me

Just some hopeless romantic ideals who was born in the wrong time period. INFP, Enneagram type 4, Pisces, A+ blood type…whatever. Been a Navy brat most of my life and got stationed for 12 years in Japan. Hoping to do the HPSP and become an Air Force social worker. Gonna do art or sex therapy later on. Also secretly dream of doing some alt/pin-up/fetish modeling on the side.

Stuff I really like
Art and making art. playing the piano. music. musicals. culture. space. stargazing. travel. nostalgia. Cyperpunk. Steampunk, neo-Victorian stuff. Lolita fashion. 40s/50s pin-up fashion. other types of vintage/retro fashion. Cybergoth/cyberpunk fashion. Japanese street fashion. Alternative fashion in general. Gothic Romanticism. vampires that are not of the Twilight variety. vampire BDSM erotica. Romantic gothic stuff in general. fan fiction, closet cosplay, and just plain ol’ fangirling/geeking out.

Video games
Ace Attorney. Assassin’s Creed ❤. Bioshock Infinite. Crash Bandicoot. Dance Dance Revolution. Devil May Cry. Dragon Age . Donkey Kong. Final Fantasy ❤. Guitar Hero. Katamari. Kingdom Hearts ❤. Kurby. Mario. Mass Effect ❤. Minecraft. Okami. Persona. Pokemon. Portal ❤. Rockband. Tekken. The Sims. Spyro, etc. etc.


Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Beavis and Butthead. Cowboy Bebop. Dragon Ball Z. Disney. Don Bluth films. Fullmetal Alchemist. Hayao Miyazaki films. Hetalia. Hellsing Ultimate ❤. Sailor Moon. Samurai Champloo ❤. Metalocalypse. Naruto. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Some reality shows every now and then, like America’s Next Top Model, Master Chef, America’s Got Talent, The Amazing Race, etc. Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese dramas. Bizarre Foods lol. Glee. Doctor Who every now and then. NCIS every now and then. Once Upon a Time. Sherlock. The Colbert Report. Other than that, I don’t really watch much shows these days.

1984. Brave New World. Dracula. Harry Potter ❤. Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. various vampire BDSM erotica novels I find on Amazon lol. The Wallflower manga. Hellsing manga. To be honest, I don’t read books that often because I spend most of that time reading fan fiction online….

Anastasia. Avatar. Dracula (1992 version). Cats Don’t Dance. Inception. Lord of the Rings. Memoirs of a Geisha. Moulin Rouge. Pirates of the Caribbean. Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Star Wars. The Hobbit. Titantic, DC films, Marvel films, etc.

Avenue Q. Chicago. Hairspray. Jekyll & Hyde ❤. Miss Saigon ❤. Thoroughly Modern Millie! The Phantom of the Opera. West Side Story.

Music genres
Classical. Symphonic metal. Thrash metal. Power metal. Heavy metal in general. Alternative rock. Pop rock. Hard rock. Goth rock. Punk-rock. Post-punk. Post-grunge. Old school hip-hop. Underground hip-hop. Japanese hip-hop. J-Urban. R&B. Visual kei. J-pop. K-pop. Pop. Synthpop. Futurepop. Electronic dance music. Electronic body music. Electro-Industrial and all that other neat Cyber-goth muzik. Ambiance. New Age. Folk. Instrumental/acoustic. Jazz. Big band. Electro-swing. Downtempo. Showtunes. Pretty much almost anything, really. I’m a classical musician but I’ve learnt to appreciate many forms of music and have a wide taste for it as a result.

2NE1. 4minute. Adele. Amy Winehouse. Andrea Bocelli. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. Anthrax. AFI. Apocalyptica. Arch Enemy. Arvo Pärt. Assemblage 23. Avenged Sevenfold. Ayria. Beyoncé. BIGBANG. Black Flag. Blind Guardian. Bon Jovi. Britney Spears. Breaking Benjamin. Caravan Palace. Caro Emerald. Clazziquai Project. Coldplay. Combichrist ❤. Covenant. Crystal Kay. Daft Punk. Daughtry. DBSK. Dead Kennedys. Def Leppard. Depeche Mode. D’espairsRay. Dir en Grey. Disturbed. Drowning Pool. Eisenfunk. Ellie Goulding. Emilie Autumn. Epica. Erik Satie. Evanescence. Fear Factory. Franz Liszt. Frederic Chopin. Front 242. Front Line Assembly. Fireflight. Five-Finger Death Punch. Florence + the Machine. George Gershwin. Godsmack. Guns n’ Roses. Halestorm. Hatebreed. Hanz Zimmer. HB. Hikaru Utada ❤. Iced Earth. Icon of Coil. Imogen Heap. In Flames. In This Moment. Iron Maiden. John Cage. Johann Sebastian Bach. John Williams. Journey. Judas Priest. Kamelot. Katy Perry. KMFDM. Koda Kumi. Kutless. Lacuna Coil. Lady Gaga. Linkin Park. Ludwig van Beethoven. Lupe Fiasco. Megadeth. Metallica. Misfits . Mötley Crüe. Muse. My Darkest Days. Newsboys. Nightwish ❤. Nirvana. Nobuo Uematsu ❤. Noisuf-X. Northern Kings. Nujabes. Pantera. Pillar. Powerman 5000. Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyRammstein. RED. Rihanna. Rise Against. Robyn. Rob Zombie/White Zombie. Scorpions. Sevendust. ShiNEE. Shinedown. Skillet. Skylar Grey. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Sixx:A.M. Slayer. Snow Patrol. Super Junior. Switchfoot. Symphony X. Tarja Turunen. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The Beatles. The Birthday Massacre. The Sex Pistols. The Sisters of Mercy. The Spice Girls. Trip Lee. Van Halen. Vanessa-Mae. Vanilla Lucy. Vitamin String Quartet. VNV Nation ❤. Walls of Jericho. We Are The Fallen. Within Temptation. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. X JAPAN. Yoko Shimomura, and plenty more that I will take up the entire page if I list all the artists I listen to…

I pretty much listen to whatever, but most of the musicians I like are not considered “mainstream” enough. The only reason why I listen to mainstream stuff is so that I can be “well-rounded” and keep in touch with my friends who only listen to Top 40 music…

It seems like most of my interests are just not “mainstream” enough in general. Whatever. I guess that makes me a hipster, then.

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